Three – Love, Lies, Betrayal

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Three - Love, Lies, Betrayal

Three - Love, Lies, Betrayal

The main reason behind the less absorbing feel of the movie is that it doesn’t have any relief moments in the proceedings which make you feel tense and restless. Moreover, the script doesn’t have too many characters to deal with, which results in a tired, monotonous look for the movie in the end. Nausheen Ali Sardar, playing the sharp lady of the house, gets a good opportunity to prove herself and she readily makes the most of it. Impressing with her brilliant act, she scores above the rest, but should have gone for a little less make-up for her looks. Ashish Chowdhry improves a lot from his previous projects. Akshay Kapoor shows his capabilities after the less impactful “Powder” and Achint Kaur leaves a mark in her few scenes.

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