Dhadak (2018)

Dhadak (2018)
Dhadak (2018)

Dhadak (2018) = Madhukar “Madhu” Bhagla (Ishaan Khatter), a young college student hailing from a middle class family, wins a competitive eating contest and receives its prize from Parthavi Singh (Janhvi Kapoor), a strong, rich, independent girl from a political family who studies in the same college as Madhu. His friend Purshottam (Shridhar Watsar) later finds Parthavi bathing in a lake and informs Madhu of the same. Madhu impresses Parthavi, but incurs a minor injury. The two begin to have feelings for each other, but are unaware of it.

Madhu goes back to his family dhaba where his father makes him promise to stay away from Parthavi since she hails from a powerful, affluent upper-caste family. Madhu ignores Parthavi at college, but she later catches Madhu stalking her. The two admit their love for each other and begin meeting secretly. Madhu asks Parthavi for a kiss, but the latter dares him to come to her brother Roop’s birthday party. The passionately kiss at the party, but are discover by Parthavi’s family members. Her brother and father, politician Ratan Singh (Ashutosh Rana), thrash Madhu and his friends, but are told by the inspector to wait for the election results before any severe action.

Once the elections are over, Madhu and his friends are arrested on false charges registered by Parthavi’s father. Parthavi pleads with her father to release Madhu and his friends. In an ensuing scuffle, she manages to get hold of a gun and threatens to shoot herself if Madhu isn’t freed. Madhu runs up to her and together, they elope. With the police on their trail, Madhu and Parthavi board a train to Mumbai, where Madhu contacts his maternal uncle and the two travel to Nagpur.

Madhu’s uncle advises them to go to Kolkata for the time being. In Kolkata, they rent a small room for living; Madhu starts working in a roadside restaurant while Parthavi finds work at a call centre. One day, Madhu goes to her office to gift her a new phone bought from his hard-earned money. Madhu sees Parthavi happy with her manager and thinks that she is cheating on him. Heartbroken, he returns home. After Parthavi returns home, they argue severely; Madhu slaps Parthavi in the heat of the moment. Parthavi begins to doubt why she fled with Madhu. Parthavi is briefly missing, but Madhu finds her in her office, and realizes how much he loves her. He asks for her hand in marriage and they marry.

Starring: Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana

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