The Golden Compass (2007)

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The Golden Compass (2007)
The Golden Compass (2007)

The Golden Compass is a 2007 fantasy-adventure film based on Northern Lights, the first novel in Philip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials. Directed by Chris Weitz, it stars Dakota Blue Richards, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Tom Courtenay, Christopher Lee, Nicole Kidman and Sam Elliot. The project was announced in February 2002, following the success of recent adaptations of other fantasy epics, but troubles over the script and the selection of a director caused significant delays. At US$180 million, it was one of New Line Cinema’s most expensive projects ever,[2] and its middling success in the US contributed to New Line’s February 2008 restructuring.

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliott, Eva Green, Dakota Blue Richards, Ian McKellen, Ian McShane, Freddie Highmore, Kathy Bates, Kristin Scott Thomas, Daniel Craig,

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